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MyWBS pioneered the world's first social networking media, a community of approximately 10,000 members since 1999, many years before Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook, who are claiming to be the first inventors of the social network media.

In general, Mark Zuckerberg did not invent anything; as his famous saying is: "Who invented the Facebook?", is based on deception because Mark Zuckerberg purchased the Facebook domain name from Kochi and copied all the ideas from existing social networks as the first MyWBS, then Friendster, and later MySpace. Mark skillfully presented other people ideas to investors as his own, received large investments from Microsoft, made Facebook bigger and better improved the existing ideas of the social network, and sadly, he never gave credit where the credit belongs. In fact, he worked very hard to remove all the traces of the MyWBS first social network from Google search results, and Wikipedia.

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My Web-Based Social founded in 1999 by Kevin Duraj